Precision Driving:
When millimeters also matter

Driving a car under highly controlled conditions requires accuracy and reliability.
For everyone’s safety and lower shooting costs, they are mandatory.


Land Rover

Land Rover’s iconic SUVs with their incredible wading, towing, and carrying capability are designed for every adventure. Land Rover opens up new avenues to go Above & Beyond.



The shooting took place in Russia in 2017. I was impressed by so much professionalism and dedication.




Every Precision Driver experience for Volkswagen was always a blast.



I was impressed by the precision of such a compact car. It’s perfect for the city and short distance trips.


Chevrolet Cruze

The most exciting shoot I ever made! High speed driving on a closed highway with a helicopter chasing me 5 meters away from me. The story behind the film was that I gave a mobster’s daughter a lift without even knowing it.

Project Selection

Pedro Moleiro Volkswagen Arteon Commercial Lisbon

It was a top secret shooting in a cold night…We had to hide the car with a black cover every time someone was passing by.

It was a nice experience in the streets of Lisbon with this heavy but comfortable and good looking car.

Project Selection

Lamborghini Huracán Spyder

Lamborghinis Huracán in close formation precision driving

It happened in August 2016. Working with a new Lamborghini model at my second home, the racetrack of Estoril.

It was the perfect way to spend the day with a group of Italian racing drivers managed by a great Portuguese film crew while playing around with an Italian big toy.

My Precision Driver Experiences

Despite knowing what skills the job requires, I'm always surprised how rich every single experience is.

New Câmaras Arri

Project: Arri
Location: Lisbon
Year: 2019

Hyunday Mundial

Project: World Soccer Cup
Location: Russia
Year: 2017

Galp Energia

Project: Galp
Location: Lisbon
Year: 2017


Project:  Arteon
Location: Lisbon
Year: 2016


Project: Huracán Spyder
Location: Estoril racetrack / Lisbon
Year: 2016


Project: Arteon
Location: Lisbon
Year: 2015


Project: Alhambra
Location: Benidorm, Spain
Year: 2014


Project:  Nivea For Men
Location: Estoril racetrack, Portugal
Year: 2013


Project: Nissan Micra
Location: Bratislava, Slovakia
Year: 2013


Project: Smart For Two
Location: Lisbon
Year: 2013


Project: Chevrolet Cruze – Commercial
Location: Russia
Year: 2012

The Brands I worked for

Thank you for all your continued and incredible support throughout the years!
With a lot of love and Precision Driving, Pedro Moleiro.

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