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Racing is not just racing to me. It’s something I can talk about for hours, describing a corner in minute detail, pinpointing every aspect of a lap. Passing down my knowledge and- sharing my experience became the obvious thing to do.

for the Podium


Understand your car and quickly learn to find the ultimate grip in any weather condition. Master the track by the end of the day.

Faster and faster

In our 1-to-1 training sessions, I will teach you to safely push yourself to your limits as the lap timer drops lap after lap without you noticing.

Blend in skills

Improve racing techniques in order to drive faster and more consistently. Apply your new skills to everyday driving.

Swift learning

A structured methodology and repetition are the key to efficient learning. With over 100 laps a day you will reach incredible results.


There are natural and mechanical physics laws applying that you simply can't ignore.


After a few thrills, it's time to debrief! Replay the laps together to perfect what can be perfected.


Once the basic knowledge is understood,
it's time to exercise on the racing track.



Pedro Moleiro Racing Instructor
In 2015, I started to work as a Professional Driver for the Jaguar/Land Rover Group. I was lucky to be part of a professional team of instructors and staff members in various events.

It was astounding to be able to test, over the years, all the different Jaguar models in Motorland Aragon, Estoril and Portimao Circuits.

Pedro Moleiro Instructor - Jaguar I-Pace


Gazoo Racing

Pedro Moleiro - Toyota Gazoo Racing GR-4

I had the opportunity to work several times with Toyota on Spanish racetracks. I was living in Barcelona at the time and participated in the Toyota GT 86 Events.

The year of 2019 turned out to be unforgettable.
I had the great privilege to drive the new Toyota Yaris GR- an amazing spin.
Pedro Moleiro - Toyota Gazoo Racing


Nissan GT-R

Pedro Moleiro - Nissan GT-R 2017 Boxberg
In 2008 I had the pleasure to work as a GT-R instructor for the “Nissan 360 Event”. During 3 weeks I drove the first version of “The Godzilla” for more than 4.000 km.
Since then I have worked with the later models of this powerful car around different test tracks and circuits all over Europe.
Pedro Moleiro - Instructor Nissan-GT-R



Pedro Moleiro - Instructor AMG Mercedes

In 2015, a few other Portuguese race car drivers and I became part of the AMG Instructors Team.

During three months we received at Estoril’s racetrack the ‘Mercedes Sales Teams’ from all over the World.

Pedro Moleiro - Instructor AMG Mercedes

Instructor Experiences

My highlights as an instructor over the years.


Range Rover – SV Media Launch


Bridgestone – Bridgeston Turanza 6
Jaguar – F-Type 75 Média Launch
Goodwood – Range Rover Sport SV
Gordon Murray T50 – Instructor
Private Instructor – Estoril racetrack, Portugal


Range Rover – Media Launch
Range Rover – Sport Media Launch
Ford – Ranger Raptor Media Launch
Private Instructor – Estoril racetrack, Portugal


Land Rover – Land Rover Defender Media Launch
Private Instructor – Estoril racetrack, Portugal


Jaguar – Jaguar F-Type Media Launch
Private Instructor – Estoril racetrack, Portugal


Toyota – Gazoo Racing-Yaris GR4
Jaguar – Jaguar Electric Tour


Jaguar – Jaguar I-Pace Media Launch
Private Instructor – Estoril racetrack, Portugal


Lexus LS / RC – Vairano racetrack, Italy
Private Instructor – Estoril racetrack, Portugal


Jaguar – F-Type SVR
Nissan – GT-R 2017 – Boxberg
Jaguar – SVR 2017 – Motorland Aragon, Spain


Private Instructor – Estoril racetrack
AMG Mercedes
Lexus – Jarama – Madrid, Spain
Seat – Seat Ibiza – Barcelona, Spain


Private Instructor – Estoril racetrack, Portugal
Nissan Event – Pulsar- Benidorm, Spain


Private Instructor – Estoril racetrack, Portugal
Nissan Micra Event – Bratislava, Slovakia
Jaguar – F- Type – Estoril, Portugal


Toyota – Toyota GT 86 – Castelloli – Barcelona, Spain
Nissan – Nissan GTR – CERAM – France
Nissan – Nissan GTR – Delhi Auto Expo – India


Nissan – Nissan Leaf – Leaf Tour, UK
Jaguar – Jaguar XKR-S – Portimão racetrack
Nissan – Nissan Leaf – Norway
Lexus – LFA – Nurburgring/Nordschleife, Germany


Nissan – Nissan Leaf – 100% Electric
Nissan – GTR – Automotor Magazine – Estoril
Lotus – Lotus Evora – Circuit Monte Blanco


Racing School – Autodromo Internacional do Algarve
Private Instructor – Estoril racetrack, Portugal
Jaguar – Media Launch Jaguar XKR
Private Instructor – Estoril racetrack, Portugal


Nissan – Nissan GT-R 360 Event – Estoril
INEM – Emergency Driving
Cadbury – Defensive & Protective Driving
Cimpor – Defensive & Protective Driving


BMW – BMW Experience – Braga, Portugal
INEM – Emergency Driving
GNR (Special OPS) – Emergency & Evasive Driving
Império – Tire Event
Porsche Driving Experience – Estoril racetrack
BPN Challenge – Seat Selection Sesting – Estoril, PT
Porsche Driving Experience – Braga racetrack


Porsche Driving Experience – Estoril, Portugal
Fiat – Test Driving
Chevrolet – ETCC – Estoril, Portugal
Seat – Cours de compétition Desafio Sapo – Estoril
Chevrolet – Test Drive (ETCC) – Estoril


Deutsche Bank – Porsche Driving Experience – Estoril
Jason Associates – Test Drive Porsche
Delloite – Test Drive Porsche
SAP – Test Drive Porsche
Boxster Cup Trophy – Estoril racetrack
Porsche Driving Experience – Estoril racetrack
GE Fleet Services – Event – Estoril racetrack
Porsche AG – Sportsfahrschule at Nürburgring
Prime Promotion – Racing Days
INEM – Emergency Driving
Hiper Portugal – Defensive & Protective Driving


Porsche – Carrera 997 «Driven by Precision» World Presentation
Mazda Portugal – Defensive Driving


GE Fleet Services – Estoril racetrack
Avon Tyres – National Tires Showcase


Mitsubishi Motors Portugal – Race Driving
Renault – Megane Presentation – Estoril racetrack


GE Fleet Services – Event, Estoril
Monroy Reflex – Reflex Damper Première


Peugeot – Parcours Rallye – Lohéac, France

Brands that support me​

Thank you for all your continued and incredible support throughout the years!
With a lot of Love and Racing,
Pedro Moleiro.

LIQUI MOLY sponsor of Pedro Moleiro

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